Art thou Transcendent?

Welcome to the Transcendent wiki page. This wiki’s primary function is organizational in nature – I hope that it will serve to help me keep my thoughts in order as I undergo the unfamiliar processes involved in designing a superhero based game.

Transcendent will be my attempt at a supers universe/continuity. Like most of my games, I will seek to take familiar tropes and elements and run with them – applying them in unpredictable ways.

Transcendent takes place in an alternate world – a world very similar to but altogether separate from our Earth. I hope to explore some (in my mind) interesting themes as I bring my vision of a supers universe to life.

Transcendent will be set in an Earth-like world whose development has paralleled our world’s in many ways. As a result of overweening ambition, pride, and nationalistic tendencies the nations of the known world were left devastated by a cataclysmic war only a few decades ago – individuals with strange and frightening powers have arisen in the wake of this war as the direct result of the use of forbidden weapons during the great conflict. Years later, these individuals (called “Talents” or “Chaos-Touched”) have begun to reshape the political and social landscape – laying the foundation for even greater conflicts to come.

The main action of the campaign will probably focus around a state-funded academy established for the research and training of Talents.


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