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The Transcendent Continuity

Transcendent is my first attempt at a supers universe for use in gaming. While an avid comic book fan for much of my life, I’ve never explored the potential of supers gaming nor had much inclination to up until somewhat recently. What I’ve come up with thus far is kind of different – but I hope that it retains enough familiar elements to retain the sense of awesome and win which I feel is intrinsic to the tropes of the comic genre.

Geographical Interests

Angaire Island Caldaniss Free Republic of Ispania Holy Empire of Gestaltis Kingdom of Acacia Zerohold

Esoteric Studies

Chaos Matter Chaos Touched Paradox Storms Zeroes

Historical Treatises

Age of Heroes Rise of the Chaos Touched The Last War Reconstruction Era Day of Impact Establishment of the Talent Academies

Factions, Governments, Institutes, and Other Organizations

United Foundation for Talent Research Acacian Academy of Talent Chimaera Agenda Red Hawks Initiative Haarlock Organization Acacian Knight Corp Acacian Talent Operations Groups

Technological Studies

Taxonomy of Threats

Mechanical Concerns

Scholarship Benefits Universal Talent Power Scale Student Population Power Ratio

Main Page

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