Chaos Touched

Chaos Touched are special individuals whose ancestors survived exposure to Chaosmatter weaponry during the Last War. Around ninety-six percent of those exposed to Chaosmatter weapons die outright or are warped into hideous mutants. The other four percent walk away with no apparent side-effects. It isn’t until they attempt to have children that things get a little….strange.

The children of those exposed to Chaosmatter in this way seem normal at first but, around the time they hit puberty, they begin to display remarkable powers and abilities – sometimes even undergoing radical physical changes. These powers and abilities are called “Talents.”

Talents can vary widely in scope and power – some individuals possess abilities so minor that they play almost no part in their day-to-day existences. Others have powers of such terrifying scope that they’re considered to be living arsenals. A standardized power-scale has been established within the Shattered Dominion to easily keep track of the overall abilities of such individuals. The scale runs from 9 (the weakest) to 0 (talents of world-ending potential).

Most Talents of the first generation were of relatively minor power (Rank 7 to 9) but with the advent of national breeding programs and Talent studies the overall power of Talents within the Shattered Dominion have increased into the Rank 5 to 6 range. Full realization of a Talent’s powers can take time – and a Talent that starts at a subjectively lower ranking can potentially climb a few ranks before topping out. Rank 0 Talents are only rumored to exist – the thought of any individual being stronger than a Rank 1 is a terrifying prospect indeed. Rank 1 Talents are considered walking arsenals – rank 0 Talents must possess powers that defy the imagination.

Chaos Touched all seem to have some things in common – despite their wildly variable abilities. All Talents can sense when another Talent is using his or her abilities within a certain range of themselves. And all Talents seem to have a central theme or concept behind their abilities from which all of their powers stem. One Talent might have powers relating to space/time, while another might have the power of “Cutting,” and a third could have power over electrical currents.

Chaos Touched

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