Chaos Matter

Chaosmatter is a poorly understood substance which has qualities of both matter and energy but seems to be neither. What is known about this substance is that, when acted upon by the proper stimuli, it can produce a variety of extremely potent effects. Stimuli varies wildly – the stuff seems able to readily react with almost anything. This requires unusual measures to be taken in order to contain the Chaosmatter when in its pure state – specially designed containers made up of a metal alloy treated with Chaosmatter are used to contain and transport the substance.

Chaosmatter almost never occurs in its pure form in nature – trace amounts of the stuff can be found bonded to other elements and substances and, through a highly dangerous refining process, can be extracted and purified. In its pure form, Chaosmatter takes on a crystalline form which seems somehow out of phase with it’s surroundings – radiating vast quantities of broad spectrum energy and warping universal forces such as gravity, electromagnetism, and even the laws of physics. Even a small amount of the substance is capable of powering a personal vehicle indefinitely. However, due to its unstable nature – Chaosmatter has a a greater and greater chance as time goes by to breakdown – to disastrous results.

Chaosmatter was first dicovered about eighty years ago – quite by accident. Scientists studying fragments of meteorites discovered a cache of the substance in its pure form and became intrigued by its properties – they soon realized that trace amounts of the stuff could be found bonded to other forms of matter in various locales and that the substance could be distilled and refined using certain techniques. The advent of such techniques brought with it a technological revolution. It was only natural that some would think of the military applications of such technology – and thus the production of Chaosweapons began.

Chaosmatter, when used as a weapon, caused widespread devastation. In terms of pure destructive capabilities, the heat and explosive force generated by Chaosmatter based bombs was sufficient to melt rock and rip the skin off of a human body at a range of up to five miles. The side-effects of such weapons were even worse – the landscapes themselves were twisted and warped in alien ways and creatures exposed to the Chaosmatter residue invariably mutated into horribly deformed monsters and either died or went on a killing rampage. Humans exposed to the stuff most often died – some would go on to have children and give birth to the first generation of Chaos-Touched.

Chaos Matter

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