Angaire Island

Angaire Island is a large landmass off the north-western coast of the continent. It has, since ancient times, been a place of mystery as it possesses a very noteworthy trait which sets it apart from all other lands – Angiare Island hovers about 1500 feet above the waters of the Vestin Ocean.

It is now known that Angaire Island’s core is a large concentration of chaosmatter – the largest such natural occurrence of the substance and the place where the stuff was first encountered in anything but residual form. The chaosmatter which comprises the core of the island interacts with the electromagnetic field of the planet in such a way so as to produce an anti-gravity effect which permeates the stone and earth of the land. Naturally, this made the island somewhat inaccessible for millenia.

The native peoples of Angaire Island are thought to have migrated there before the island began to float. Ancient tales tell of a time of fire from the sky which precipitated the island’s rise into the air – what scientists now believe was a meteor impact which carried with it a large deposit of chaosmatter. As a result of the island’s unique geographical location, it has never been successfully invaded and suffered almost no inconvenience from the war.

There is some evidence to support that a generation of Talents arose on the island after the meteor impact which is believed to have given rise to the island’s ascension – myths and legends of Angaire certainly have their fair share of epic heroes and godlike beings. Talents exist in Angaire in modern times but there is no evidence to suggest that any of these Talents arose before the end of the Last War – though conspiracy theorists maintain that secret societies located on Angaire Island have harbored reclusive Talents for centuries. Many such theories center around the island’ss ruling family – who formally renounced power after the Last War.

Angaire Island

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