Pre-Game Homework
Do this!

In order to finish prepping for the game, I need all players to do a few things for me.

1. I will be making use of the Loyalty/Passion rules from Wild Talents. A Loyalty is something your character believes in which is external to himself – such as a cause, a person, an ideal, etc. A Passion is something which drives the character internally – Greed, Ambition, Curiosity, etc. The two will often come into conflict – this is entirely acceptable and even desirable.

You should describe your Passion and Loyalty with a short phrase each. Example include:

Loyalty: “For King and Country!”

Passion: “Never Back Down!”

These are your characters motivations. Playing to your motivations gives you Willpower. Having the focus of your motivations compromised in some way saps your Willpower. No Willpower, No Powers.

2. Next, you should come up with a little background information for your character – where was your character born? What was his home life like? Who was important to him? Did he have any prior training in any area before coming to the Academy? Come up with the names of your parents/siblings and the name of a character you looked up to (a mentor or role-model).

3. Come up with your character’s “origin” story now. How did he discover his powers? What happened? Who else knew about them? How did he get selected to attend the Academy? What are his personal reasons for being there? How did his powers complicate his life?

4. Does your character possess any special connections to another character – PC or NPC? Come up with the name of a close friend and/or a rival. How did you meet these people and why did you form the connection that you did?

Finally, a bit of premise – just to put it all out in the open.

Your characters have spent most, if not all, of their lives in the Kingdom of Acacia – a country in an area of The World called the Shattered Dominion. It was given this name after the Last War – which completely devastated the entire region. It’s been about 80 years since the Last War and about three generations of Talents have come and gone before you – Chaos Touched are still a relatively new thing. Your lives, other than your Talent and it’s impact, have been more or less normal up until this point – you’ve gone to school, or practiced the family trade, or what have you. Recently, you were visited by a State Talent and examined for candidacy in the Acacian Academy for the Talented and, soon thereafter, received a letter offering you a full scholarship to the academy. You are 16 to 17 years of age and will, with any luck, spend the next four years at the academy. Your reasons for accepting the scholarship should be personal. Attending the academy and passing the State Talent examination. The AAT is known for turning out some of the most powerful and skilled Talents in the region – to even attend is an honor and even those who don’t pass the final examination go on to prestigious positions within society. The school’s curriculum is decidedly militaristic in focus, however. At the time of the first session, you are arriving at the academy for your first semester.


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