Cedric Cyrano


Loyalty: “I owe Dr. Sykes and the Academy my life. I am at their disposal.”

Passion: “I won’t let any innocents get hurt. Not again, not if I can help it.”

Hero/Mentor: Dr. Halycon Sykes – Cedric once witnessed Dr. Sykes in action and was amazed with the amount of control he showed over his powers. He wishes to one day show as much control over his own powers as he saw that day.

Rival: Dean Ravnos but the incident which causes this has not happened yet.

Cedric was born in the small town of Dufort in southwestern Acacia. By the time he was born, Edmund and Margaret Cyrano already had a six year old son, Lucas. In the early years, Cedric had a normal enough childhood. He attended school and got into typical childhood mischief such as shaving the family dog and breaking his grandmother’s prized vase which he blamed on the dog. For the most part, Cedric and Lucas were very close, avoiding the typical relationship between siblings with such a large age difference. Lucas was very protective of Cedric and often took the blame when Cedric found himself in trouble with their parents. He would also help when Cedric landed himself in trouble by offering sound advice rather than hands-on demonstration – trusting in Cedric’s ability to take what he was given and figure things out for himself. In return, Cedric greatly respected and looked up to his older brother and would tag along when he went urban exploring. For a while they were inseparable.

As they got older, Cedric began to come more into his own and while the brothers were still close, they each did their own thing. Lucas excelled at his studies and began to take an interest in sports such as soccer and track and field. Cedric on the other hand took an interest in drawing and saw a slight decline in grades to a more average level as he became board with school. It disappointed his parents, especially his father who would ask why he couldn’t be more like Lucas, but he never let it bother him…at first.

It wasn’t until shortly after Lucas’s 13th birthday that Cedric’s life would take a drastic change. Lucas was a Talent, and already a pretty powerful one. It didn’t take long for Lucas to gain the attention of a State Talent and be offered candidacy for the AAT as well as tutors to help him learn his new powers until he was old enough to attend. It didn’t take long for it to become all their parents would talk about. Their father had always been gung-ho about everyone doing their part for Acacia and it had been a dream of his to attend the AAT. He was now living his dreams through his eldest son. Soon the “why can’t you be more like Lucas” came more often and Cedric began to feel forgotten about. He began to resent it and as a result resented Lucas and his powers. From that point on, Cedric distanced himself from his brother who now spent the majority of his time preparing for the Academy.

It was six years later when Cedric’s life changed once more. Lucas was away for his second year at the academy when Cedric’s 13th birthday came and went with no big fuss. But a week later and things began to get interesting. No matter what he did, Cedric always seemed to be charged with static electricity. Fabrics and other such light items would stick to him and he would shock anyone who got close to him. He began to avoid crowds at school as his static build up had gotten him a few mean nick names.

He never paid it much attention though until he noticed that his hair was beginning to stand on end as if someone were attacking him with a balloon. It was when he reached for a comb on the edge of the bathroom counter that an arc of electricity jumped out of the nearby outlet to his fingers. His heart skipped a beat as he jumped back from the counter and stared slack jawed at his hand but otherwise he was completely unfazed. That shock should have completely floored him, left him with a nasty burn, and possibly even kill him but there he was still standing, unburned, and very much alive. Without a second thought, Cedric reached his hand out towards the outlet again. Maybe it was because of his determination to prove he could outdo Lucas in some way, but at that moment as a surge of energy rushed through his fingertips and every light in bathroom blew out, Cedric discovered he was a talent a mere week after his 13th birthday.

Before his parents got home from work, Cedric thought about what he should do. He was going to tell them, and if necessary, be examined by a State Talent. But then he imagined his father’s voice offering him praise for being accepted into the academy…finally he was being more like Lucas. He didn’t want to be “just like Lucas”. He wanted to find his way out of his brother’s shadow but if he went to the academy he’d only be following along in his steps. It was decided then, he would prove that he could be just as successful as Lucas and he would do it without the AAT. So it was that Cedric decided he alone would discover his powers and train himself to use them.

For the most part Cedric’s plan was working. It was easy enough to keep his parents in the dark as long as he was careful especially since they were often distracted with Lucas off for his third year at the academy. It was also easy enough to explain away any slip ups with a few coincidences or typical teenager problems. He also cut his hair short and “spiked” the top to deal with his hair standing on end. After school and during his free time, instead of his usual activities, he would find deserted locations such as abandoned buildings, or un-leased warehouses where he could practice his powers. He caused more than enough light and noise as well as small fires and property damage that he would have to change locations often to avoid prying eyes and investigations by local authorities. Over the course of the next four years he was able to develop his powers and gain a basic and raw understanding of them.

Case File Sealed
Academy Application: Cedric Cyrano
Official Summary

Because of local disturbances, locals became suspicious of Talent activity and a report was sent to the AAT. Dr. Halycon Sykes was sent to investigate the area and evaluate the potential of any talents found.

Dr. Halycon Sykes, after speaking to witnesses, surmised that the Talent was from the same area that AAT graduate Lucas Cyrano was from. After a visit to the Cyrano household it was discovered that Cedric Cyrano had recently developed Talent powers. It was Dr. Halycon Sykes’ opinion that due to the subject’s age and how developed his powers were that he be given immediate enrollment into the AAT. With approval from Headmaster Dr. Josef Hanley, Cedric Cyrano has been formally accepted into the Academy.

Cedric Cyrano

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