Pendraegon Jones

"......Look, I'm not allowed in there anymore. Yes. The whole country. Not allowed equals me."


Pendraegon Jones or “Pen” is an AAT Graduate and Angren Haarlock’s best friend. The two have been through thick and thin together and used to run in the same circles as Edain Morthus and Davan Caine. The two showed up on the Day of Impact to confront their former companions. Pen had a chunk bitten out of his shoulder by Edain – who assimilated the flesh to gain Pen’s powers. Pen himself is kind of a troublemaker and has few ethical boundaries – though he isn’t without morals per se. He has something of a latent god complex but he’d do anything for Angren or one of his other friends. He lives for the day he can avenge Edain and Davan’s betrayal.

Pendraegon possesses the power to initiate and/or suppress nuclear fission – creating small, targeted nuclear explosions or dampening such reactions at will. It’s unknown how powerful his abilities are and some worry that he might just decide to make the sun go nova one day or put it out on a whim. Luckily, he’s kind of lazy.

Pendraegon Jones

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