Davan Caine

"You..! You just crushed my sculpture! Do you know how long...!? Gah! That tears it! Doom time is now!"


Davan Caine was one of the infamous students who turned on the AAT during the Day of Impact and began to brutally murder his fellows. No one is entirely sure why. Davan was a model student during his Academy years – being the son of Dr. Lionel Caine and a rank 1 talent. He took a special interest in the arts, served on the student council, and also did a lot of student aide work. One year after graduation, Davan returned to the AAT with Edain Morthus and others and commenced to slaughter the students wholesale.

Davan’s power is molecular disassembly or disintegration. It works by him seeing something and willing it to be no more. He can control the effect with precision and disintegrate as much of the object as he wants and in very specific fashion. He often used his power to sculpt as a student. No known material can block Davan’s powers. He’s considered a Rank 1X – an X indicates someone whose power will kill you if it affects you. There’s no way to stop it from doing so if he desires it. Davan is also considered to be an S-Class Talent Criminal and is wanted in every country in the Shattered Domain.

Davan Caine

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