Algernon Bleakhouse

"I'd like you to meet my three associates - Pain, Misery, and 'Oh-God-Help-Me'."


Algernon Bleakhouse or “Algie” is something of a slacker. He’s well known for his eccentric behavior and his bizarre experiments involving various drugs which he tests on himself. He’s actually a whiz at Chemistry and hoped to start a pharmaceutical company someday. In the meantime, he stalks the halls in a daze from all of the drugs he tests on himself. He’s also the great nephew of Tarquinn Bleakhouse.

Algie possesses the power to summon forth three orbs of crystalline material – he can project energy as an attack using one, levitate and fly using two, and create a shield using all three. He calls them different names at different times – he can’t seem to settle on any one thing. The orbs also seem to possess something like personalities of their own.

Algernon Bleakhouse

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