Ellis Haarlock

"I just made Mission Impossible into Mission Improbable, what'd you do today?"


Erstwhile ringleader of the group our heroes hang around with, Ellis is the somewhat enigmatic younger brother of the Haarlock Organization’s current heir. Ellis claims to not have any designs on power – within or without the school – but he keeps some awfully powerful and influential company. Ellis is, perhaps, best known for the two parties he throws each year – one at beginning of term and the other at end of term. Anyone who is anyone attends. Ellis can usually be found reading a pornographic magazine (and making no effort to hide this fact) on a bench or couch. He seems to have no care for politics, but many believe he plays a far deeper game. Regardless, Ellis seems to be a natural leader.

Ellis’s power is probability manipulation. He can change the probable outcome of any event he’s witness to – making the impossible merely the improbable. His power works in great synergy with the powers of others.

Ellis Haarlock

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