Dimitri Engel

"Alright, lay it on me. Trust me I've heard every 'blue joke' there is. I've come up with a rating system."


Dimitri Engel is made of blue crystal. That’s the first thing anyone who meets him seems to notice. The advent of his peculiarly potent abilities caused his body to undergo massive physical mutation – his cells crystallizing into a hard, semi-flexible blue crystal. This crystalline structure enables Dimitri to absorb any kind of energy or force directed against him and condense/distill it into raw power. Dimitri can then redirect this power as any other wavelength of energy or force or use it to form crystalline structures similar to the stuff his body is made out of. He’s an upper end rank 1.

Dimitri’s demeanor wouldn’t tell you he’s so powerful though. He’s very easy going and kind of quiet. He’s always very kind and collected. He never takes advantage of people and always stands up for others. He’d sooner die a thousand times than allow one of his friends to come to harm. Dimitri is a deeply lonely person though – his transformation has left him unable to eat, sleep, or experience sensation in much of his body. He can’t even experience the sorts of physical pleasures other boys his age take for granted – despite the fact that his body is, otherwise, functional.

Dimitri Engel

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