Arim Macleod

"I can kill you with what I have in my pockets. You don't believe me? Pffft."


Arim is somewhat mysterious and doesn’t seem to have many friends. He’s a very focused individual and holds the school record for the most rapid improvement of his powers in school history. This is, of course, not public knowledge. Arim ranked as a level 5 when he entered the school and now, as a junior, he ranks at level 2.

Arim’s power is something he calls his “angel of death mantle” – he can pick up any object, focus his killing intent, and then use that object to destroy whatever he focuses that intent upon. This means that he can turn anything in his hands into a weapon capable of destroying tanks and buildings. His power also enables him to defend himself from the object of his killing intent with extreme precision – using a single grape to deflect a tank shell, for instance.

Arim Macleod

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