Darius Graphton

".....Me? No, just minding my own business. No problems here. That....that wasn't smart of you. Now I have a problem and so too do you."


Darius Graphton is a bit famous at the AAT. He doesn’t mess around – he will maim and/or kill you if you mess with him. No one is entirely sure of how highly ranked he is because his power is so innocuous. Darius can cut through anything he can see with some sort of unstoppable severing force.

Darius wears a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses and usually eats alone – reading books to pass the time. Lately, he’s taken to hanging with our intrepid heroes. It’s a little known fact that Darius is Arim Macleod’s biggest rival. The two have a love/hate relationship. Darius himself possesses highly developed chaos senses in addition to his power of cutting. The party finds him very solid and reliable.

There’s some indication that Darius is seeing one of the female students at the AAT. No one knows who the girl in question is.

Darius Graphton

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