"I know your story already and your existence bores me to tears. Just go before I decide to put you out of my misery."


Essex is a mysterious figure who showed up at the school recently looking for Tarquinn Bleakhouse and claiming to be a “Zero Hunter.” The idea of anyone hunting down level zero talents is sheer lunacy, or so one would think. Essex also admitted to being a level zero talent himself and told our protagonists that he represented the interests of an organization/place called Zerohold.

Essex’s basic personality seems to be one of patience and polite interest – though the party’s exposure to him was very brief. He possesses psionic based talent powers of a sort which defy the imagination. Essex is somehow connected to the vast psionic reserves of the astral plane itself and, in tapping his powers, he creates such a disturbance on said plane that normal humans can be killed just by being nearby.

Essex has displayed mind reading powers, teleportation abilities, and the ability to map an individual’s entire memory by making physical contact with them. Who knows what other sorts of powers he possesses?


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